Psychic Amanda Studio in Toronto

Psychic Amanda Studio in Toronto


About Amanda

Located at her studio at 818 Wilson Ave. in north Toronto, Psychic Amanda Benedetta has been Canada’s Trusted Psychic Spiritual Reader with over 20 years of experience.

Amanda is a psychic, spiritualist and an Indigo. An Indigo means a human being who is in tune with his or her surroundings like how another person is feelings, whether if the person is happy or in distress or pain. Using her gifts she can actually hone in on a person’s thoughts whether it be a buried traumatic situations from the past or what you’re planning to do during the week.

“Hi, my name is Amanda I’m a god gifted psychic indigo spiritualist born with extrasensory abilities I have mastered all spiritual ancient arts of the tarot cards crystal ball palmistry astrology readings chakra healing reiki healing master in etheric divination alchemical occult science and spiritual arts spell casting white magick through angels and holy spirits.”

How Can She Help You:

Psychic Readings:

“I have fully developed 6th sense and perception using my Ajna Chakra 3rd eye I can see sense and feel emotion, spirits, energy surrounding you I also offer beta-theta-gamma frequency healing for love stress finances health and more I have helped approximately 40,000 people worldwide in all problem areas of life of love, negativity curse removal, health business, personal matters, addictions, spiritual problems I’m very accurate in all of my readings based on clientele surveys and testing done at the ASPR society with over 20 years of experience I can help and guide you to solutions for all problems…I have helped men women and children using my ability”

What Can She Do For You?

“I can increase your positive energies change your own spiritual vibrations and remove negative energies and vibrations through your chakra system this is your spiritual body at times people chakras become imbalanced there either being over worked or under worked or just not working in sync with the rest of your chakras this will cause an array of problems from spiritual - emotional or even physical this can even cause distancing between loved ones balancing your chakras or having a spiritual cleansing can have many benefits once you heighten your vibrations this will increase positive possibilities for you like love, finances career possibilities also I can help reveal information through my many readings and use of the Tarot cards if you are curious of something I can give you insight on this.”

“I can see and help fix all. I can help fix all problems using my abilities and gift to help guide you and place you on the right path for peace happiness and success are you curious who your partner /soul mate truly is I can help reveal this to you. I can tell you “where” and “when” you will meet. wondering if there faithful? I can reveal this to you. want to be rich? I can help increase your luck and wealth for you or a business lucky number, days, months, hours. Do you not feel like yourself you feel like your life is not how you intended like no matter what you do everything falls apart this can be negativity through chakra or spirits I can remove this from individuals and families. Are you weak tired don’t want to work or even get out of bed I will change this for you to give your energy to you. All this I can accomplish for you using my gift prayers meditations and spells using my readings this is how I gain a lot of information for my clients as well as communication to angels and spirits guides.”


Psychic Reading’s and Arts Amanda Specializes in include: Psychic Readings, Crystal ball, Tarot cards, Palm Readings, Picture Readings, Rune Stone Readings, Energy Blocks and Chakra Balancing and Cleansings, Reiki Healing, and Evil or Bad Influence Removal.

Psychic Reading’s and Arts she specializes in include: Spiritual Cleansings Or Soul Cleansing (very similar to Chakra balancing), Spiritual Block Removal, Dream Interpretations, Aura Readings, Lucid Dream Interpretations, House Or Property Blessings, Curse Removals Or Reversals, Exercising Of Demons and Removal Of Unwanted Spirits and Separation Or Reuniting Of Soul Mates.

Testimonials (Results Will Vary):

Azita S.: My eldest son who was 17 at the time was going thru a very rough time in life…thanks to psychic Amanda my families saviour and my best friend thank you.

Brook A.: I was so scared and so in love at the same time I was in love with my co-worker…if it wasn’t for Psychic Amanda and her work none of this would be a reality my reality thank you Amanda for my new life lots of love Brook

Mathew T.: I got cut off from work they were doing cut backs… I must say I was very sceptical at first but I was wowed by her it was like I was a new man!! I got a job about a week after seeing her… thanks to Amanda’s awesome work thanks a million.

Psychic Amanda Studio in Toronto, 818 Wilson Ave.
Hours of operation 10am to 9pm Monday-Friday, 12pm-8pm Saturday and Sunday.
Please contact me at 416-519-8055 or at [email protected]

Main Studio is at 818 Wilson Ave, north Toronto and a weekend location in Georgina, Ontario, a small town south-east of Barrie, Ontario.

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