Curbflip: Airbnb of Parking Space Rentals


Curbflip Is the Airbnb of Parking Space Rentals

How much do you really use your driveway? Chances are it’s not fully utilized, especially if you and maybe a spouse or housemate both drive to work. Maybe your house has a driveway but work is close enough to commute to, and so your lot sits empty most of the time, except when your parents visit from out of town.

Curbflip is like the Airbnb of parking space rentals. It was created by entrepreneur and CTO Rodney Young, who wanted to help homeowners rent out their unused driveways by matching them with with drivers looking for an alternative place to park their vehicles besides expensive lots and elusive spots on the street.

Rent A Driveway” or “Rent My Parking Space” services have become popular in the last few years. People are already familiar with renting apartments with services like Airbnb, so renting out just a parking space already makes sense. In the UK, homeowners are using services like Curbflip and others to post driveways, businesses post parking spots during non-peak hours, even a church in London has rented its lot making several thousand pounds for a space that might sit empty many times during the day.

Much like some other rental services like YourParkingSpace in the UK or the ParkOnMyDrive in Canada, Curbflip takes the hassle out of both finding a driveway to rent close to your location and makes the process of renting out your own parking space easy by taking care many issues you might not have thought about, making it a simple process where you can list your driveway in only a few minutes.

So if you’re already thinking about the idea of making money off your under-used driveway, here’s just a few things Curbflip can do for you:

Curbflip Advantages:

First, it should be a simple process for you and potential renters to get started. Curbflip lets you both sign up quickly with an email address or through a social network like Facebook.

You want to set terms and add some photos. Curbflip will let you add terms specific to your parking situation. You can add information on noise levels, where, when, or how to park. And you want to show your space in the best light too, so Curbflip lets you add photos and is integrated into mapping software and social media to help get your spot rented. Plus you can offer additional services such as battery charging, beach access, event tickets, monthly parking for employees, car wash, etc.

You should be able to contact the driver about your parking space. Curbflip has a messaging system that gives you the option to contact the driver before, during, or after the transaction.

Set when your spot is available and make your listing active or inactive, say, if family is in town for the weekend and your spot won’t be available. You can set the dates, availability, pricing, and terms for your listing. Creating a listing is easy and takes less than a minute.

Payment is done all on-line though secure payment systems, with the same kind of protections you expect when shopping online. CurbFlip handles the scheduling, billing, and payments. The property owner sets their rate and collects payment directly from the renter using CurbFlip technologies. CurbFlip accepts both PayPal and all major credit cards. It works in 190+ countries and in 25+ currencies.

Finally, wouldn’t it be good to be able to rate your drivers and view comments from other renters? CurbFlip allows everyone to write reviews after each transaction. This helps in weeding out the bad apples and building trust in the CurbFlip community. Many studies show that owners with positive reviews are able to get better prices for their products, and buyers satisfaction is guaranteed.

What’s more, CurbFlip is international, building listings in 14 countries and growing.

Why not give it a try?

So if you’re thinking, is it time to rent my driveway, consider how easy CurbFlip could make it for you. If you’re looking for parking close to a stadium for next week’s game, and are dreading the cost of stadium parking, maybe CurbFlip can connect you with someone with parking available for less?

Why not head over to the website and give renting my parking space with Curbflip a try today?

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