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##Visit The Regency Health Resort##

###Only A Short Trip From Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver###

Florida is served by flights from Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver frequently. From Toronto, Air Canada and Westjet leave from Pearson International Airport, or Porter airlines from Billy Bishop island airport, getting to Florida is an easy trip, about 3-4 hours flight time. Most Canadian flights from Toronto land in Miami (Porter airlines flies to Orlando), it’s then about a half hour drive north to Hollywood where Regency Health Resort is located at Hollywood Beach on the Atlantic Ocean.

The Regency Health Resort & Spa is an all-inclusive oceanfront destination health resort specializing in weight loss, anti-aging, physical fitness and all virtues of the mind, body and spirit. What has really separated them from others over the years has been their incredibly delicious and healthy cuisine.

Under the direction of in-house nutritionist Dr. Frank Sabatino, Regency Health Resort offers their guests 3 gourmet meals served daily featuring their world famous vegetarian cuisine prepared by their in-house Chef John Nowakowski. Chef John B. Nowakowski has over 20 years experience. is the author of the best selling cookbook series “Vegetarian Magic”. He has been featured in Vegetarian Times Magazine and is a contributing writer for local and national print media. Chef John’s cooking classes are legendary. He has a unique way of presenting healthy cooking techniques while educating guests in the process. Cooking Classes and more – Chef John will start off your week with his all newJump Start Weight Loss seminar every Monday morning. Healthy Cooking Classes will be held every Monday and Friday. A healthy Shopping Smart Classwill be offered every Wednesday. These classes start at 3:30 p.m.

As well, the Regency kitchen has been “Kosherized” by Rabbi David Calowinski.

The vision behind this is to enrich the ancient tradition of the healing retreat by offering guests a nurturing environment in which they can discover and connect with their greater potential for wellness and to motivate and inspire to healthier/ more joyous living while offering a wholesome, restful, and refreshing (and potentially transforming) alternative to ordinary vacations.

The Resort has a unique way of presenting healthy cooking techniques while educating you in the process. Enjoy their healthy organic cuisine that provides you with the necessary vitamins, minerals, nutrients and proteins to live a healthy lifestyle while vacationing and at home.

The Regency Health Spa Kitchen is dedicated to providing the optimum in healthy dining choices. Their cuisine offers Organic products that provide you with the necessary vitamins, minerals, nutrients and proteins to assist you in achieving your weight-loss goals. Listed below is their commitment to you:

  • Gluten-free and soy-free options available at all meal periods
  • Low sodium recipes using liquid aminos, miso, fresh herbs and beneficial spices.
  • No refined white sugars or flours are used in their recipes
  • Low glycemic sweeteners such as brown rice syrup in most recipes
  • Only Organic grains and legumes used in Regency recipes
  • Daily lunch salad bar featuring Organic greens, sprouts, local vine ripe tomatoes and their famously delicious salad dressings
  • Minimal use of cooking oils in recipes. Organic grape seed oil, sesame, coconut and extra virgin olive oil are available
  • Calorie counts, fat, carbohydrates and sodium are listed on all menus
  • Organic juicing and smoothie menu with 18 selections to choose from
  • Dining room overlooking the warm, blue Atlantic Ocean as their Chefs cook for you in their open air kitchen. Wild caught fish option on Monday and Thursday.

In addition to the cusine, there is the Spa, with Zorianna Dejnega-Armor who has been at Regency Wellness Resort and Spa for over 15 years.

Fitness classes include aquatics, pilates, yoga and strength training overseen by fitness director Alexandra Leifschutz who has been with the Regency Health Spa since the year 2000. Some other classes available include: Morning Oceanfront Boardwalk, Pilates, Daily Yoga, Fitness Lectures, Personal Training, Body Sculpting, and Dance Classes.

Visit their website Regency Health Resort for more information, or call them:

Regency Health Resort & Spa
101 N. Ocean Drive
Suite 210
Hollywood Beach, FL 33019


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