Best Gyms in Vancouver

##Ron Zalko Fitness Centre Ron Zalko’s is the largest gym in Vancouver, and arguably the most famous. Putting it frankly, it’s a Vancouver staple and offers something for everyone in the way that a good neighbourhood gym should do. Classes? They got them - pilates, yoga, kickboxing, spinning… you name it. There’s also a ladies section with equipment especially designed for women.

Phone: 604-737-4355
Address: 1807 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6J 1G5

##Studeo 55 Studeo 55 calls itself the best training center in the world, but even they admit that they’re biased. Still, they might not be too far off, according to their regular members. Why? Because the people in charge here are athletes themselves and know what it takes to perfect your sport, or just plain get fitter, before, during and after your workout, with their own chiropractor, nutritionist, and physiotherapist there in-house. Oh - this place has a great cross-fit box too.

Phone: 604-684-0544
Address: Unit 202, 865 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2G3

##Denman Fitness Denman’s consists of 18,000 square feet of healthy workout space for the hard working, hard playing denizens of Vancouver’s West-End. As well as the usual gym facilities and personal training, there’s squash courts, a swimming pool, a multitude of classes (spinning, stretching, zumba to name a few), sauna facilities and oh so much more. It’s the full package.

Phone: 604-688-2488
Address: 1731 Comox Street, Vancouver, BC, V6G 1P5

##Robert Lee YMCA Established in 1886, this community-based non-profit offers a range of different health services from a decent sized lap pool to fully equipped weight room and plenty of cardio machines. Wanna play ball? Great basketball court here too, although demand can get high in the evenings, so book in advance. As this is a YMCA (and so non profit), monthly fees are pretty much unbeatable, starting at under $50 a month and $15 for a walk-in.

Phone: 604-689-9622
Address: 955 Burred Street, Vancouver, BC, V67 1Y2

##Steve Nash Sports Club Vancouver Local boy made good, Steve Nash is famous in BC as an NBA star (Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, LA Lakers) and more recently as the man who brought MLS soccer to Vancouver, as an owner of the Whitecaps. He has put his name to this franchise of gyms and fitness centres around Vancouver area - 19 and counting so far (BC’s largest fitness provider) - and the Vancouver Sports Club, situated downtown is the flagship of the chain. As befits a large franchise, Steve Nash provides everything you need in a gym.

Phone: 604-682-5213
Address: 610 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, V6C 3T3

##She’s Fit Another local BC franchise with 13 locations in and around town, She’s Fit is a woman’s only health and fitness service that concentrates on just the basics - cardio and weights. There are not many “frills” at these clubs… no pools, no saunas etc… but what you get is a unique, safe, comfortable environment to work out in for a great price (as low as 14 bucks a month). Some of the She’s Fit clubs are open in tandem with various Club 16s around town, to create a coed experience if desired. Details below for the Downtown Vancouver centre:

Phone: 604-558-1600
Address: 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC, V6C 0C3

##Kalev Fitness Solution Looking for a top-notch personal trainer? Then that’s what this place is all about. Not just your regular gym where you drop by and do what you do in a halfhearted fashion, this place will assign you someone to encourage you and much you to the next level. The personal trainers at Kalev Fitness Solution are the best in the city. This place is more expensive than others, but once inside you’ll see why. Oncer a member here, you’re more likely to actually USE that membership than elsewhere.

Phone: 604-568-6006 Address: 128 W Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, V68 1R8 Website:

##Barre Fitness Barre Fitness is a class more than a gym. A concept more than a bricks and mortar fitness centre. Barre classes, if you’re not familiar, are a form of workout incorporating ballet, yoga, and pilates. Standing at a ballet barre (hence the name) and set to upbeat music, a barre class will sculpt, tone and shape you like you’ve never been sculpted, toned or shaped before. Barre Fitness specialises in these classes only, and has two locations in the Greater Vancouver area - Yaletown and North Shore.

Phone: 604-669-6906
Address: 1038 Mainland Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 2T4

##Urban Fitness Club Urban Fitness Club is all about getting your butt kicked in high intensity classes and boot camps ranging from kickboxing to Core and zumba and yoga. It’s about group fitness - taking a class together, experiencing the blood, sweat and tears, and coming through on the other side. People who come to Urban Fitness swear by it and love it. The community vibe, friendships made, and sense of achievement. This place has a class for everybody, no matter your level of fitness.

Phone: 604-696-5549
Address: 928 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1B8

##Anytime Fitness Just as the name implies, Anytime Fitness is open 24/7 365 days a year. The place never closes so if you’re looking for that 3:30 AM weight session then this is the place. Anytime is a global franchise with over 3,000 gyms all over the world, but here in Vancouver, you’re looking at False Creek for your midnight workout.

Phone: 604-559-8463
Address: 489 W 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5Y 1E3

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