Best Yoga Studios in Vancouver

##Moksha Moksha specialises in hot yoga. That’s their thing, and if you’re looking for some hot yoga with the friendliest vibe in town, then you’ve come to the right place here. There are three Moksha studios in the Greater Vancouver area, all making up a great “community of sweaty yogis”, as they proudly state on their website. Moksha yoga studios also are great at community outreach, offering low prices and free parking in order to make it easy for yoga newbies and local residents to get into the practice.

Phone: 604-569-3650
Address: 242-2083 Alma Street, Vancouver, BC

##Semperviva With four locations around Kitsilano, Semperviva is the place that perhaps more than any other in Vancouver, brings yoga to everybody. With over 115 classes a week, Semperviva welcomes yoga novices and teachers alike - in fact, it’s the place to train as a yoga teacher in town. One thing about the Semperviva studios is that you don’t need to bring your own mat - especially useful if you’re a visitor from out of town. The mats are all there in each studio and just require you to wiper them down after use.

Website (with 4 locations, it’s better to go online and seek the direct info of the particular studio you want):

##YYoga YYoga is Canada’s largest chain of yoga studios, offering six studios around Vancouver and seven in Toronto - thirteen in total. The six studios around town mean that in Vancouver you’re never too far away from a class and a multitude of different instructors. The general consensus of a visit to a YYoga studio is that it’s a “spa-like experience.

Website (with 6 locations, it’s better to go online and seek the direct info of the particular studio you want):

##Dharma Yoga Vancouver Located at the old Exhale Studio in Yaletown, this studio is the only one in Vancouver that practices the form of yoga created by Dharma Mittra, a Brazilian yogi whose technique derives from all nine forms of yoga and yet is perfect for beginners as well as experts. The studio itself, on an upper floor with large windows all around feels like you’re in the trees.

Phone: 604-689-2446
Address: 1083 Cambie Street, Vancouver, V6B 5L7

##West Coast Hot Yoga Get your sweat on at Vancouver’s best hot yoga specialists. With both 60 minute and 90 minute classes, West Coast Hot Yoga works for both traditionalists and those seeking something a little different. What makes this place so special is the people. Hot yoga can get a little… let’s say… sweaty and undignified… the people here, from your instructors to classmates and everyone in-between make this into a bonding experience using humour as well as professionalism. Getting so hot and sweaty on the mat has never been so much fun!

Phone: 604-221-6942
Address: 1128 Mainland Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 2T9

##One Yoga for the People This is a community more than a studio per se. Concentrating pretty solidly on vinyasa yoga, this space lacks amenities (no saunas, no spin classes, no gimmicks) but makes up for that pure heart and a passion for getting people into yoga. And with drop in prices starting at just $14, they’re definitely able to do that. If you’re looking for just a hardwood floor and a decent class without any frill, here is the place.

Phone: 604-710-7267
Address: 201-150 W Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

##Tola Yoga Told Yoga offers a less strenuous experience, with it’s speciality form of Gentle Hatha - perfect for complete, out-of-shape, beginners and expectant mums alike. This place is about keeping it natural and practicing in cooler air rather than following the hot yoga phase. Again, serenity is the name of the game here. Tola also offers a number of wellness and concealing programs to keep all manner of mind, body and soul together.

Phone: 604-472-9642
Address: 1515 Broadway Street, Port Coquitlam, BC, V3C 6P6

##One Hour Hot Yoga This place just does the classic 20 Bikram hot yoga poses in an hour-long class, 59 classes per week. Keeping it simple. Run by a husband and wife team and conveniently situated downtown, One Hour Hot Yoga does what it says on the tin. The state of the art heating system and the fresh circulating oxygen keep you fresh and alert when other hot yoga studios might have you feeling lightheaded and groggy.

Phone: 604-681-5511
Address: 1232 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC

##Just Yoga “Yoga with Heart and Soul”. This is the slogan of this East Vancouver studio and it sounds about right. A friendly neighbourhood studio with emphasis on the friendly, this place offers a wide variety of classes from beginners all the way up. In fact Just Yoga is great for beginners, and they really take the time to ease complete novices into the practice and try to create an enthusiasm that will last for life. Just Yoga is also wheelchair accessible, with the equipment in place for anyone not fully able-bodied to benefit from the practice as well.

Phone: 604-709-9642
Address: 53 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V5T 1V4

##Yoga Buttons This has to be Vancouver’s best kids yoga studio. Yoga Buttons is perfect for getting your children involved in and loving a practice that will get them through life. Starting with preschool classes for ages 2 and up, this studio offers classes through the ages all the way up into adulthood, making it the prime family studio in the area. Yoga Buttons also offers yoga camps during the school holidays, birthday parties, and party nights. This studio is all drop in - the more the merrier! No pre-registration is required.

Phone: 604-739-9642
Address: 2525 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V6K 2E9

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